CIFRE Industrial Agreements for Training through Research

The CIFRE programme allows companies to benefit from financial aid for recruiting a young PhD student, whose research work – carried out under the supervision of a public research laboratory – will allow the student to defend his/her thesis. 
CIFRE agreements bring together three partners: 

  • A company that entrusts the PhD student with research work suited to his/her thesis subject.
  • A laboratory, outside the company, that provides the PhD student’s scientific supervision and instruction.
  • A PhD student, holding a Master’s or equivalent degree. 

CIFRE-engendered costs are eligible for the CIR Research Tax Credit. 

Allocation conditions

The company must be situated within France, but can be of any size and active in any sector. Associations and territorial authorities are also eligible. 
Applying students (of any nationality and any age) must hold a Master’s or equivalent degree and be registered doctoral students. 
The research laboratory where the doctoral work will be carried out must be academically attached to a doctoral school. It can also be a foreign laboratory, within the framework of a jointly-supervised thesis with a French institution. 

Submitting CIFRE application dossiers 

The ANRT (National Association of Technological Research) handles CIFRE applications. 

The CIR Research Tax Credit


  • All industrial, commercial or agricultural companies governed by French law and subject to taxation.
  • Non-profit associations falling under the French Act of 1 July 1901.
  • Any structure, regardless of size, sector of activity or mode of operation. 

To be eligible for the CIR Research Tax Credit, institutions must create or improve a product, process, programme, etc. 
They must present a substantial innovation or improvement not resulting from the simple utilization of existing knowledge or expertise.